inhale now

exhale now

everything falls

into place (R. Spira)

no time

no problems

dare truth

else consequences

wave water

form consciousness

no beliefs

living continues

beliefs invented

reality happens

who is

this is

intentionally watch

you thinking

life suck?

begin again

reality must

be boring

as if

something else

abide in

the flow

return to

flow now

follow flow

stop seeking

rediscover reality

or suffer

all beliefs

fake reality

why expect

something else

layers bury

your best

quit me

just be

correctness makes

not reality

strong beliefs

strong griefs

define real

be wrong

simplest presence

no agenda

all important

nothing matters

not knowing

grandly okay

only solution

relativistic destruction

babies need

no therapy

to be

without story

energy oscillates

thoughts happen

as if

a baby

you create

the context

suffering comes

from separation

be one

with this

this is

only this

simple being

this now

damn shadow

damn light

everything happens

exactly now

never meant

to last

self destroyed

life regained

100% custody

0% control

invite joy

surrender control

very free

and easy

thought happens

rest assured

every one

another fiction

do or

do not

uniqueness as

experiential gift

our challenge

storied separation

exactly, everything

always happens

everything always

happens exactly

death coming

never know

play life

play now

now emerges

still feeling

one itsy

bitsy truth

exist you

do not

seeing happens

nobody sees

less extrapolation

more participation

this happens

stories overrule

look see

thoughts change

your label

isn’t real

let go

of you

what’s not,

clear now?

am I?

who Is?

forget loneliness

grok oneness

now infinity

happening here

let life

play You

resistance is

Now futile